As a child I loved looking in jewellery shop windows, seeing all the sparkling pieces and imagining how I would look when I was all grown up, covered in rings and dripping with diamonds. When the mail came I’d reach straight for the jewellery catalogue – again looking at the pieces I liked best, sometimes wishing I could combine this style of bracelet with those coloured stones or using a different metal. It wasn’t until a friend of mine got engaged and her fiance told us the story of having her ring made that I realised that ordinary everyday people don’t have to buy off the rack – we can have jewellery custom made – my dream piece could one day be mine!

Having a piece custom made is easier than you might think, and worth the time you put in if you want the piece to be perfect in every way. Modern ring making techniques make it easier than ever before to get the look you want on the first try. Here at ME Jewellers we specialise in designing the ring you want, to your exact specifications. Let me show you how it’s done.

Here is a ring we designed for a couple recently. They came to us with a design they wanted and once we were sure of the particulars our jewellers made a CAD design. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. This technology allows designs to be turned into physical representations of the desired piece.




When my friend’s fiance had told the story of her ring being made, all those years ago, he told me that he had gone over the design with the jeweller and they had worked it all out, then he’d come back a few weeks later to collect the ring only to find that it wasn’t quite right. He had to leave it again for a few more weeks, delaying the proposal, so the jeweller could adjust it to make it exactly right.

Once they had seen the CAD model for the ring our couple knew exactly how the ring was going to look in the final result. They had the opportunity at that point to make any adjustments before any metal was melted or stones were set. When the model was approved the jewellers began work on the ring itself.







This gorgeous piece was then picked up and tried on to ensure correct sizing, before going to live with its new owner.

And I’m sure, as my friend’s fiance found, the joy to be gained from creating such a thing of beauty was something they were able to share time and time again, simply by looking at it.

Have a look at some of the things you can make when you custom design your own ring…







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