Consignment Sales

Sell Your Jewellery – Consignment Sales

If the best possible price is desired upon selling an item, placing your good/s on consignment may be an avenue to consider.

There are no listing or set up fees charged for this service and the reserve price is agreed upon upfront, ensuring the vendor is aware of the price achievable if the item sells. Providing supporting documents (including, but not limited to valuations, diamond grading certificates, original receipts and packaging) is encouraged in order to increase the saleability of your goods, although is not strictly required.

Basic surface cleaning and polishing is included free of charge as a part of our consignment service. However, to facilitate a successful resale consignment goods may require further professional restoration, rhodium plating and/or repairs. The costs associated with these recommended services will be chargeable to the owner; however any intended works will be discussed and agreed upon prior to commencement.

Our flexible consignment terms include an unlimited tender period and the ability to collect any unsold items, at any time, free of charge, should circumstances change. In addition, the option to sell the item directly to ME Jewellers for a reduced cash price is available if desired.

A minimum consignment period of seven (7) days applies, however there is no maximum consignment period. We recommend at least a 60 day timeframe to allow for regular customers and sale periods to bolster product exposure, however we can hold your goods on consignment for however long you choose.

Whilst strict precautions and care are taken whilst handling and storing  consigned goods, ME Jewellers is not liable for the loss or damage of goods, howsoever caused. Whilst stringent physical and systematic security measures are in place, the consignor is ultimately accountable for any risk associated with loss and/or damage whilst goods are held on consignment. If this is of concern, the consignor warrants that he or she has an insurance policy in effect (e.g. homeowners insurance) that covers the items consigned to ME Jewellers, as any insurance coverage or concerns remain the responsibility of the owner, as it would if the goods remained within the vendors home.

BONUS OFFER: Consignment credit (moneys earned from the sale of consignment items) may be credited towards other jewellery purchases from ME Jewellers at a value of $1.20 per $1 of consignment credit (i.e. 20% bonus value if retained as store credit).

Whilst ME Jewellers makes a concerted effort to sell your consigned items quickly, the sale of any particular item cannot be predicted nor guaranteed. For this reason, as outlined above, unsold consigned items may be collected in store at any time, free of charge (please contact us to have your items taken removed from sale and put aside for collection).

Consignments are typically undertaken in person by bringing goods into the ME Jewellers store at Shop 3 / 500 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 (opposite the Melbourne Aquarium). For interstate/out of area customers, please contact us first to find out how we can arrange a consignment for you.

Please call ahead on (03) 9621 1122 to schedule an appointment to ensure someone is available to assist you when you come in.

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