Jewellery Cleaning & Repairs

Jewellery Repairs, Cleaning & Restoration

Whilst we all love an excuse to buy a new piece of jewellery, ME Jewellers is committed to the revitalization and restoration of vintage and contemporary jewellery so you can hold onto your precious pieces for a lifetime.

A piece you may consider beyond help could be brought back to its original glory through our professional jewellery cleaning, repairs and restoration, which are carried out with the strictest attention to detail. Your jewellery is a precious commodity often with sentiment attached and often times it cannot be replaced. Therefore it should be checked on a regular basis by a qualified jeweller and not just retail sales staff behind a counter to maintain integrity and condition.

No job is considered too big or too small; ME Jewellers understands and appreciates the sentiment of each item individually. Utilising an extensive network of industry experts, each piece is carefully examined to determine the most cost effective and appropriate method of restoration.

From professional cleaning and revitalisation, to complete remodelling and repairs, ME Jewellers provides comprehensive cleaning and repair services including;

  • Ring resizing
  • Repair and rejoin broken or damaged chains
  • Replacing and fitting pendant bails, clasps and padlocks
  • Safety chains and extensions
  • Stone resetting or replacement
  • Claw retipping and jewellery setting repairs
  • Rethreading pearls
  • Rhodium plating
  • Surface wear and scratch removal
  • Buffing and polishing
  • Jewellery revitalisation and restoration

ME Jewellers are pleased to offer free ultrasonic cleaning and inspection of your jewellery on-site!

Professional ultrasonic cleaning ensures a deep and vigorous clean of your precious jewellery pieces. High frequency ultrasonic waves vibrate through a specialised jewellery cleaning solution to remove dirt and grime built up in the jewellery and setting over time, resulting in a brilliant, sparkling finish. Post clean, all jewellery is inspected free of charge, with quotes provided for any identified repairs or maintenance recommendations.

Bring in your precious pieces and quote MEJCR14 for a free inspection and ultrasonic clean (by appointment only)


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