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ME Jewellers – The 4 Cs Of Diamonds

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It takes a thousand years to form a diamond and only a split second to fall in love with it. You know you love your diamonds, but how much do you really know about them?

Cut, clarity, colour & carat weight are the four most important factors to consider when purchasing diamonds. These four categories are commonly referred to as ‘The Four C’s of Diamonds’ and are used by the diamond industry to determine the individual value of each stone.

  • The cut of a diamond refers to the reflective qualities captured by the stone. The angles and finish will dictate the manner by which light reflects off the stone, creating its brilliance. The cut of a diamond is of high importance when considering the right stones for your jewellery, ensuring they shine  perfectly. The cut of a diamond can be categorized into one of the following six scores; Ideal, Premium, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. Upon viewing diamonds in-store, please feel free to discuss with our staff regarding the cut of a particular stone.
  • Clarity is of high importance when considering the radiance of a diamond. Inner flaws within the stone (sometimes referred to as ‘inclusions’) can inhibit clarity, thus making it less desirable. Clarity should not be confused with colour, however. As a result of the formation process, only a few rare diamonds are ever considered truly colourless; while a majority of diamonds achieve their hue through their composition which will never change. As with clarity, the clearer a diamond the more shine it will exude, therefore we suggest scrutinizing diamonds thoroughly to ensure a lack of colour.
  • The final ‘C’ refers to carat weight, with one carat equal to 200milligrams (0.2gms). The formation process of a diamond occurs only through rare circumstances, thus smaller diamonds are forged more commonly than their larger counterparts. As a result, the price of a diamond will escalate exponentially in direct correlation to its weight.


Sometimes included within the Four C’s is an additional C – Certificates. The Diamond Certificate (sometimes referred to as a grading report) is a complete evaluation of a diamond. This report is performed by a qualified specialist, who analyses the unique traits and characteristics that make the stone recognizable. Details of the stones weight and measurements, cut and clarity are listed within the report, ultimately providing a valuable resource for identification. A price for the diamond is not contained within the report, however the documents will provide  information relevant to the pricing of the stone when required.

These four key factors, plus the addition of consideration for certificates, are imperative when reviewing diamonds for purchase. ME Jewellers are dedicated to working alongside our client to source suitable diamonds and produce stunning jewellery on any budget and for any occasion.

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