In days gone by we dealt every day with people we knew. From the person tending our sickness to the person baking our bread, if we needed something we would know exactly who we would get it from. We might even be involved in the process, with the creator taking requests and tailoring something just to our specific needs. These days we buy less and less from people we know. More often we are buying a major purchase from someone we only just met.  In certain cases we might even buy something sight unseen from someone who is in a foreign country, crossing our fingers that it will turn up in our letter box when it’s supposed to.

In these cases, there are few opportunities to request variations, everything is just as-is, often one of hundreds or thousands of identical items. There is no time given to answering your questions and helping you properly research your own choice. You’re on your own.

So when you’re looking for a piece of jewellery – whether it be for an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary, a special gift or simply a treat – is there a benefit to building a relationship with a jeweller you know and trust? Of course there is, in fact there are several:


  1. You know who you’re dealing with.
    When you get to know someone you get a feel for them, for their trustworthiness and their expertise. When you’re dealing with a very important purchase, knowing you can trust the advice you’re given is so important. And why choose an independent jeweller? Their reputation is everything. A big chain store might have one of hundreds of employees giving bad advice and it will barely make a dent in their business success, but with an independent jeweller, every interaction impacts on the business’ success so they make sure that they build trusting relationships with their customers by being among the most knowledgeable and most trustworthy in their field.
  2. You can ask questions – lots and lots of questions.
    The first time you walk into a jewellery store, you might looks at lots of pieces, ask a few questions comparing the items and then either move on or make a purchase. Once again, you’re talking to a stranger and because you don’t want to take up a stranger’s time you don’t really get an understanding of what you’re buying, and why you didn’t buy the other one!  When you deal with an independent jeweller, because they care about the customer in front of them and they are often involved in the process of creating the pieces, they can answer questions in much more detail and really give you a proper understanding of the types of metals, stones, styles etc. than you could get at a chain store. An independent jeweller is interested in helping you find exactly what you want, so you leave happy and want to come back again.
  3. You never know what you might find in the store.
    One thing you are likely to find at an independent jeweller is variety. Since they don’t all have to sell out of the same catalogue as lots of other stores in the country, there is no limit to the styles you might find. Is the person you’re buying for a fan of vintage styles or perhaps they want to wear something surprisingly different? It’s worth having a look at what is on the shelf in an independent jewellery shop. Particularly if you like a stone that isn’t often found in the big chain stores, it’s literally a treasure hunt.
  4. Create your own.
    You may find when you go to an independent jewellery store that you don’t find exactly what you want. Well, one of the biggest drawcards of a personalised jeweller is that if you don’t find the thing you’re after, they can make it for you themselves. With designing and crafting professionals in house or a short call away, they can look after you and keep you involved from the very inception to the completion of your project. You might come in looking for a platinum ring with a single sapphire surrounded by emeralds and diamonds – you may not find it, but you can ask your local independent jeweller to create it, and that’s a conversation you don’t often have with a stranger.
  5. Don’t forget price.
    An independent jeweller who deals in estate/preloved jewellery can open doors that would normally be closed when a person is on a budget. Because the value of jewellery is largely based on the materials it contains, a well cared-for piece of preloved jewellery is a good investment. Your beloved might have their heart set on a particular Tiffany piece which is just out of your price range, but at your independent jeweller perhaps they have it in stock at just the right price. Your dollar might also stretch further and buy you higher quality diamonds or a higher concentration of gold.So when you round it all up, it is always worth a visit to your independent jeweller to see what’s new in store, or maybe to have a conversation and have your burning questions answered.
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