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What We Do

ME Jewellers are your local personalised jeweller in Melbourne CBD! At ME Jewellers, we provide the most courteous, professional and friendly customer service, in offering a broad range of services to cover all your jewellery needs.

As a licensed second-hand dealer, we can provide flexible options for those looking to buy, sell or exchange jewellery. Whatever your needs, our helpful and knowledgeable staff are ready and eager to assist you, whether you are looking to shop, sell, custom design, value, clean or repair your gold, jewellery or watches.

We are always upfront about the truth regarding your goods what we are able to do for you, and as a result are recommended by many jewellers, valuers and industry professionals around town; you may have been referred to us by one of them yourself!

Jewellery Valuations

At ME Jewellers we have can provide you with a range of valuation services through our industry partnerships. All our valuations are completed independently to prevent any conflict of interest, by one of our industry partners, being a widely recognised and reputable antique valuer of over 30 years experience and incorporating members of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV).

Jewellery Cleaning & Repair

ME Jewellers we can repair and restore your old or broken jewellery, so you can hold onto your precious pieces for a lifetime.  A piece you may consider beyond help could be brought back to its original glory through our jewellery cleaning, repairs and restoration, which are carried out with the strictest attention to detail.

At ME Jewellers, no job is too big or too small. With access to a wide range of skilled jewellers, each piece brought in for repair is carefully examined in order to determine the work needed and to present you with the most cost effective estimate. We take great pride in striving to do our very best work to the great satisfaction of our customers.

Watch Repair & Servicing

At our Workshop and together with our partners, we pride ourselves on our range of watch servicing and repairs. Mechanical watches should be serviced every 5-6 years to ensure that they run at maximum performance. If watches are left longer between service times, parts could wear out and need to be replaced.

We repair and service all premium watch brands, including sourcing original parts, providing scheduled services, pressure testing, laser restoration and basic repairs such as watch battery and band/bracelet replacement.

Custom Design & Remodelling

ME Jewellers services provides manufacturing of custom designed jewellery to bring to life your dream creations from scratch. Or, if you have any jewellery pieces which are no longer what you want, we can work with you to recombine or remodel them to be reborn as something new and spectacular.

We have access to real qualified Jewellers with decades of experience, people who know what they are talking about, and can work with you to create your custom jewellery pieces exactly to your specifications. When we make your custom jewellery we guarantee one hundred percent the purity and quality of the metal we us

Consignment Sales

In order to best serve our client’s needs and get you the most money possible, we offer consignment service, in addition to buying your goods directly from you.

Rather than buying your goods directly from you and then attempting to resell them at a profit, one of most popular options is to accept your goods on consignment, where we will instead try and sell them for a retail value on your behalf! In this way, you will be receiving closer to the second hand resale value of the item as a piece of jewellery, rather than the wholesale or raw material value to us as a business.


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