Custom Jewellery Design & Remodelling

Custom Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Jewellery

Customer satisfaction reigns as the pinnacle premise to our existence. We pride ourselves on our ability to appreciate our client’s individual desires and produce work that reflects their intentions.

ME Jewellers materializes dreams into reality through the custom creation, restoration or remodelling of unique, elegant and expressive jewellery that mirrors the individuality of the customer.

With industry ties to a multitude of expert jewellers, there are no limitations to our design and manufacturing capabilities. ME Jewellers provides personalised manufacturing of custom designed jewellery to bring to life your dream creations from scratch. In addition, if you have any jewellery pieces which are no longer quite what you want, we can work with you to recombine or remodel them to be reborn as something new and spectacular.

Perhaps you greatly admire the design of a piece of luxury designer jewellery, or are looking for something just a little bit bigger, with different shaped stones, or with more emeralds and less diamonds; whatever your jewellery design and manufacturing needs, ME Jewellers can assist. Combining quality with economy, we strive to provide immaculate pieces at an affordable price.

Our expertise in both vintage and contemporary jewellery enables us to create or recreate stunning jewellery pieces conveying an endless range of periods, styles & aesthetics.

For a FREE design consultation, please contact us to book an appointment via phone or email, to discuss with us how we can help bring new life to your existing jewellery, or create a custom piece for you.

Process Steps

  • Concept: Whatever your heart desires, we can work with you to create it, right down to every stone placement, measurement and detail.
  • Design: Using state of the art design technology, we can convert your vision into a fully rendered custom design for your approval.[
  • Create: Your dream ring is custom made to your specifications in any combination of gemstones and precious metals.
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